How Do You Clean an Oster Blender

Oster has existed for nearly eight decades, but you got it a few days or weeks ago, right? You have decided to use it, and then you thought, how do you clean an Oster blender? You don’t want to try out something and find out the cleaning will be a headache. Since you asked, we have taken our time to curate the answers here, so grab a box of popcorn and read along.

Oster blenders are one of those which have relatively user-centric designs. However, with different Oster models, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect article that addresses your question.

How Do You Clean an Oster Blender

How do I clean my Oster blender?

Whether you got an Oster Pro, Oster Classic series or Oster ActiFit smoothie blender. This article will address how you can clean it up. After all, maximum hygiene is vital in food preparation. There are three methods with which you can clean your Oster blender:

1. The Dishwasher Method

2. The Self-Cleaning Method

3. The Manual Cleaning Method

The Dishwasher Method

If you do not own or prefer the dishwashing machine, You can skip to the following method. This requires you to unscrew and separate the blender parts into various components and then place them in the device.

The main components include the lid, jar base, blades, and blender jar. The sealing ring should go to the bottom utensil basket of your machine. The other component can get the regular wash cycle. Once you are done, you can dry out the parts and store them safely till your next use.

While dishwashing has its advantage, it may not be the best or fastest. Read on!

The self-cleaning method

This is by far the fastest method in use. If you frequently use the Oster blender, you should stick to this and use the last method occasionally. Let’s get into it:

Tools needed: baking soda(optional), a squeeze of dishwashing liquid, warm water, cloth, and a bristle brush.

Step 1: Add 2-3 cups of warm water, a few drops of the washing liquid, and baking soda (if you blend jalapeno, garlic, or similar ingredient).

Step 2: Place the jar on the machine. Plug the blender and switch on the device.

Step 3: let it run for 15-30 seconds, pour out the content and rinse under running water.

Step 4: Towel dry and store it safely for next use.

The Manual Cleaning Method

We guess they say great things take a while, right? The Manual method is the perfect example. It appears to be the most time-consuming method, but it’s the best you can use to give that blender the royalty treatment it deserves.

The manual cleaning can be scheduled once a week or once a month, depending on your use frequency. For that first time, let’s get to know how to clean an Oster blender:

Step 1: Switch off the blender and unplug the motor base.

Step 2: Take out the jar and dismantle it. In dismantling, remove the jar lid and, most importantly, the Jar Base. Doing this is essential as the blender’s intersection with the base is usually dirty after long-term use. The Jar lid also contains a filler which should also be taken off.

Step 3: Plug your kitchen sink stopper to prevent the water from escaping. Add a zinc-filled volume of water and drops of liquid soap till it’s foamy enough.

Step 4: Put all components in the soap mix and wash them gently with a clean cloth. You might need a smaller cleaning brush for the filler and the blades if you have seeds in your blends. The locking seal ring[2] should be specially cleaned as it often develops moulds. You can use a brush, sponge and every safe means necessary for its cleansing.

Step 5: Strain the jar and remove residue water with a dry towel

Step 6: Couple the parts. Be careful with the blade. Store in a cool, dry place so it is in shape for your next use.

PS: If the stain is tough, you might need vinegar and a brush to wash the Jar base.

While blender cleaning seems rudimentary, the manual cleaning method is worth learning.

How to clean Oster blender blades?

Careful, high degree hazard detected 🙂 Not kidding. Oster blades are incredibly sharp, and with that in mind, safety first before attempting to clean. You might need to wear a glove since you cannot be too careful. Since the blade is a part of the blender, we will let you on that here:

Step 1: Once you are left with the jar and jar base, you might be required to use a tongue and grove plier to unscrew it if it is difficult to do so with the hand.

Step 2: Clean the blade using small brushes with soapy water to get to its nooks and crannies.

Step 3: Towel dry and couple back to the base.

Step 4: Store away safely.

Final Words on How Do You Clean an Oster Blender

Wrapping up, knowing how do you clean an Oster blender is rudimentary but necessary. This article has solved that with a step-by-step breakdown which you will find worth your time. It would be best to be mindful of your safety when dealing with the blades. Remember, you can’t be too careful. In addition, never immerse the motor base in water. To clean that, employ a moist cloth instead.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Can an Oster blender go in the dishwasher?

Yes, it can. You must disassemble the lid, filler, jar, blades, and sealing ring. This can then be placed in the dishwashing machine and given a regular wash cycle. However, it is best to clean manually because the glass jar could get broken or scratched in the dishwashing machine.

Is an Oster blender dishwasher safe?

Yes, it is. Most of the parts are dishwasher-safe. But Stick with the self-cleaning and Manual cleaning options mentioned in this article.

Are Oster smoothie cups dishwasher safe?

Yes, they are. They can be washed without worries in a dishwasher. In addition, the cups are of plastic make which is safe for washing in the machine.

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