How to make juice in a blender

Are you stuck on how to make juice in a blender? Worry not! The process is easy, and you only need a blender, a sieve, and a bowl. Furthermore, it’s almost similar to using a juicer, except you need to sieve the pulp.

First, put your juice ingredients into the blender and add water, depending on the consistency you want to achieve. Then, blend the mixture and sieve through the strainer until you get all the juice into the bowl.

How to make juice in a blender

Traditional Ways of Making Juice

It is possible to make juice without a blender or a juicer. However, it can be tedious. First, you will need a strainer, cup, spoon, and fruit. Then, peel and cut oranges (or your preferred fruit) into small pieces to make orange juice.

Next, place the oranges in a sieve and squeeze them with a spoon. The liquid gets into the cup, and it’s ready to drink. Furthermore, you can also do this for bananas, passion fruits, and apples.

Using a Juicer for Making Juice

Blender juicer combos, grind and chop ingredients down a chute as it extracts the juice. After that, they separate the fluid (sap) from the pulp.

But how do you use a juicer to make juice? Keep reading to find out.

First, read the machine’s user guide to familiarize yourself. Then gather all the equipment and ingredients. You will need a chopping board, knife, different glasses and containers, ingredients, and the juicer. Lastly, clear your working surface.

Prepare the Ingredients

Clean your ingredients to remove any dirt. After that, cut them into sizable pieces. It is advisable to chop ingredients to prevent them from getting stacked inside the jar.

Also, you need to peel them if they have hard coverings or if their covers are not edible. That applies to ingredients such as pineapples, bananas, and oranges. Lastly, if you have vegetables, roll them into sizable balls to help juice faster.

Set Up the Juicer

Place the collection glass or container below the exit and plug it in. Ensure the exit chute is accessible and easily replaceable in case of an overflow.

Add your Ingredients to the Feed Chute

This process depends on your juicer type. For example, some devices like the Vitamix blender require you to feed the ingredients first and then press the blend button. On the other hand, for others, you must power up before adding the foods.

However, be careful if you need to push the ingredients through. It will help you avoid overworking or damaging the motor.

Start the Juicing Process

Place the juicer lid and switch it on to start the process. Note: that the starting process depends on your model.

For instance, some juicers, such as the Oster Blender, have different settings for various ingredients. On the other hand, other models require you first to start the blender and then switch to a specific speed. For that reason, it’s essential that you read the starting guide before blending.

Check the Juicer Frequently.

Keep a close watch to ensure the process runs smoothly. Observing is essential if your juicer doesn’t have automatic or pre-set modes. Once the ingredient volume reduces, the juicing process is complete.

Turn Off the Juicer.

Turn off the juicer once the juicing process is complete. Switch it off and unplug it to ensure safety before starting the final blender cleaning step.

Making Juice Using a Blender

You can make juice using a blender. Any model from Nutribullet blender to Ninja blender can work. However, you will do more work in comparison to using a juicer.

Remember, a blender will give you a thicker consistency. Hence it would help to use watery fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, apples, watermelons, and pears.

To make juice, cut your fruits and vegetables into smaller pieces. Smaller than you would do for a juicer. Add into the blender with a bit of water or juice and blend.

Once done, you should sieve the mixture to remove the pulp or chunks. Plus, you may want to take it that way if you don’t mind.

Choosing the Right Blender for Making Juice

To get the best juice blenders, you must consider the juice attachment. This way, you will get a suitable juice blending machine for your homemade juices.

The attachment allows you to obtain the juice in a container separate from where you place the ingredients. That way, you do not have to strain the liquid from the pulp.

Additionally, ensure you buy one with stainless steel material for easy cleaning. Furthermore, consider its abilities, such as speed and ice crushing, and the presence of safety features.

Preparing Perfect Ingredients 

Choose well-ripened fruits and bruise-free vegetables when preparing juice-making ingredients using a blender. Also, opt for fresh ingredients to make the juice taste better.

After that, clean the ingredients well and remove unsuitable parts and bits before juicing. Next, ensure you cut them into smaller pieces for more effortless blending.

In addition, peel ingredients with thick skin, like bananas and avocados. Lastly, remove any seeds that may interfere with the juice-making process.

Step-by-Step Process to Make Homemade Juice in a Blender

To make your homemade juices using a blender, follow the steps below.

Prepare your Ingredients

First, prepare your fruits and vegetables. Remove seeds and skin where necessary, then chop them into smaller sizes (halves or quarters), depending on their size.

Add your Ingredients to the Blender

Next, add a base liquid into the blender before adding your ingredients. You can use water or lemon juice. Remember, you must add soft ingredients before hard ones.

After that, place the lid and lock it. Start the blender at a low speed (if you’re using a Vitamix blender) and gradually increase the speed.

Sieve the Pulp

Lastly, if necessary, sieve your juice using a strainer or a cheesecloth to remove the pulp and obtain the final juice with a smooth consistency.

Guide to Making Juice Using Classical Juice Recipe

Making juice with a Classical juice recipe ensures less wastage. It’s also more nutritious than traditional juice blenders. Some of these recipes include;

Orange juice plus: to get this, you must use an orange juice blend and some vanilla extract

Orange, carrot, and apple juice: carrots, oranges, and apples are mouth-watering and color-catching

Pineapple juice: to get the most delicious pineapple juice, blend a whole fresh pineapple, including the inner part

Citrus carrot juice: pineapples give carrot juice a sweet taste, while lemons add a zing to the mixture

Carrots, orange juice: to make this Vitamix classical use, you need oranges, ice, and carrots

How to Make Citrus Juices in the Blender

To make citrus juice with a blender, peel your fruits and remove any seeds. Then slice the fruits into halves or quarters, depending on their sizes.

After that, add a base liquid into the blender pitcher and your citrus. Close the pitcher and start your blender slowly as you increase the speed until you get the right consistency.

Finally, sieve the pulp using a cheesecloth, fine mesh strainer, or a nut bag, then serve to enjoy.

How to Make Smoothie-Style Juices in the Blender?

You will need a base liquid, creamy ingredients, and fruit to make a smoothie. Also, it’s good to use frozen fruit instead of fresh ones to get the frosty texture. You can use tropical fruit, citrus, or any berry.

Additionally, while a regular blender for smoothies can work fine, it’s better to have a blender for frozen fruits. That’s because it has a better motor that will provide enough power to crush through the icy ingredients.

Creamy ingredients will enhance the mouthfeel and texture. You may use bananas if you are a vegan or use either plain or flavored Greek yogurt. As for the liquid, you have various options like milk (plant or cow), coconut water, or juices.

Mix the ingredients, then blend. However, you can add other ingredients or extras depending on your preferences.

How to Make Nut Milk or Nut-Based Juices in the Blender?

The nut milk-making process is similar to making juices with a blender. That means the other is easy and simple if you already understand one.

However, for this case, you will need a high-power blender, like a professional blender. You will also require a mesh strainer or cheesecloth. To do this,

Prepare your Nuts

Generally, you may need to soak the nuts. To do this, refrigerate filtered water in a bowl with your nuts. Please note that it’s advisable to soak the nuts overnight or for at least 8 hours to make homemade almond milk.

However, cashew nuts can get soaked for fewer hours (at least 4). Also, you may use roasted cashew nuts to add flavor. Besides these two nuts, you can also use hazelnut, walnut, brazil, and pecan.

Put your Nuts into the Blender and Add Fresh Water

First, add your previously soaked and well-rinsed nuts into blender water in a ratio of 1:4. That means, for every cup of nuts, add four cups of water.


Second, blend the mixture for about four minutes until the liquid turns opaque. Also, note that this process may take longer depending on the blender’s power.

Strain the Mixture

Third, use a nut milk bag or a strainer to separate the nut milk.

Store Appropriately and Ready for Use

Lastly, carefully use a funnel to transfer the milk/juice into a clean bottle.

How to Make Apple Juice with a Blender?

First, wash your apples and remove their peels, the core, and the seeds. Remember that apple seeds may be harmful when ingested in large amounts. But, the making process should be easy if you understand how to make juice in a blender.

  • First, cut the apples into small sizes, easy to blend.
  • After that, add into the blender and add some water.
  • Then blend to your desired consistency.
  • Next, strain the juice using a cheesecloth or a strainer to remove the pulp
  • Lastly, your juice is ready.

Tips for Achieving the Perfect Juice in the Blender

Here are the tips to make juicing effective and successful,

Chop Ingredients

When making juice in a blender, chop your ingredients as much as possible to make juicing easy and effective.

Orderly Blending

Put the soft ingredients at the bottom to keep the blending process moving. Also, depending on your ingredients, you may add them individually to achieve a smooth blend.

Add Some Water

It is essential to add water when juicing to make juice mixers stay in motion and add a little base. However, depending on your recipe, you may need to add less or more water.

It would help to add a quarter of water juice and continue adding depending on the need. Also, different blenders have different requirements; hence you must be keen and learn as you continue.

Adding Sweeteners or Flavorings to your Juice in the Blender

Depending on your ingredients, taste, tartness, or ripening level, you can add sweeteners to your blends. Moreover, depending on your ingredients, you can add honey, simple syrup, sweet wine, or fruit juice for additional flavors and taste.

How to Blend Greens in Your Juice in the Blender?

Besides using fruits to make juice, you can add greens to your juicer blender for a wholesome drink. To blend;

First, cut the vegetables into small sizes, add them to your juice mixture, and blend. Afterward, you may need to strain out the fibers using a cheesecloth or a strainer. However, you can also enjoy it like that.

Health Benefits of Different Homemade Juice

For starters, homemade blender juice is better than store-bought juices. But why? First, you can choose from various ingredients to enjoy your favorite fruits and vegetables. Moreover, it’s healthier than the latter. Pink grapefruit, pomegranate, and orange juice are among the most nutritious.

Some of the potential health benefits include the following;

Muscle Recovery

Some fruits can boost muscle recovery, especially after intensive workouts. For instance, tart cherry juice can relax muscles and promote healthy tissues.

Boost Immunity

Many fruits contain vitamin C, known for healthy blood vessels and strengthening of connective tissues. This vitamin also helps in normal immune functioning.

It Helps Digestive Health

Some fruit juice, like prune juice, enhance bowel movement more so in constipating patients. Also, you can take pear and apple juice to aid in bowel movement.

Minimize Congenital Disabilities

Pineapple juice is famous for its folate acid, a vital element for expectant mothers. These micronutrients help to prevent birth abnormalities like Spina Bifida (i.e., a condition where the baby’s spinal cord fails to form correctly). Also, oranges contain small amounts of folate acid.

Benefits of Green Juice

As you perfect your juice-making skills with juice mixers, you can try different recipes. One of those is green juice. You can make delicious green juice recipes for yourself and your loved ones using green leafy vegetables.

This green juice recipe has many health benefits. Some of them include the following;

Green juice has a high concentration of minerals, vitamins, fibers, and antioxidants.

Green vegetables contain vitamins A and C, which helps to support the immune system.

Also, the juices are organic, delicious, and healthy.

Creative Juice Ideas to Make in Your Blender

You can always try your creativity with different ingredients if you have a fresh juice blender. Here are a few recipes you can check.

Blend celery, lemon, and apples to get a healthy refreshing juice with a slightly sweet flavor.

Combine watermelons, turmeric, and oranges to get refreshing juice that reduces inflammation.

Blend spirulina with cucumbers, apples, kale, and Meyer lemon for a delicious deep green drink.

Cleaning your Blender After Making Juice

Blender cleaning is a must after every use. To clean your juicer blender, follow the steps below. (assuming you have emptied all content)

First, add warm water (quarter to halfway) and two drops of dishwashing soap into your blender jar.

After that, place the lid, lock it, and blend, starting from slow to high speeds. Then to low speed before stopping

Next, please turn off your blender and unplug it from the socket.

From there, pour the soapy water and rinse the container warmly.

Then use a damp cloth or soft dry sponge to wipe the motor base and the countertop to remove spills.

Final Words

Now that you understand how to make juice in a blender, you can exercise your creativity and enjoy delicious drinks. Remember the basic steps. Start by chopping your ingredients into small pieces and adding a base liquid to blend. After that, sieve to remove pulp and other residues.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What type of liquid to add to your juice in the blender?

You can add water to your blender juicer for efficient blending. Water is advisable for your juices as it helps in body hydration. Also, it cuts costs, as it is free and contains zero sugars and calories.

How long can I store the juice after blending?

After blending, you can refrigerate your juice for up to three days. But you can also decide to freeze it, which can last up to 12 to 16 months.

Do I need to strain the juice after blending?

Yes. After blending, it’s good to strain your juice to remove pulp and other residues present. However, you can also enjoy the juice without straining to get extra fiber content.

What fruits and vegetables can I use to make juice in a blender?

Generally, you can use any fruits and vegetables to make juice. However, some combinations are unique, like spinach and bananas, apples and carrots, and pineapple and celery.

Can I make juice with Vitamix?

Yes. Vitamix Blender is an ideal juice-blending machine. While it differs from other models, it’s still an excellent personal blender for home recipes.

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