How to make margaritas with a blender

When looking for an evening sweet and tart treat, look no further than a classic margarita. This refreshing summer staple cocktail is incredibly easy to make. Plus, it requires no fancy expensive equipment or ingredients!

But you have to know how to make margaritas with a blender? Here’s a step-by-step process/guide on making margaritas with a blender at home.

But first…

how to make margaritas with a blender

History of Frozen Margaritas

Margaritas has several origin stories. The most popular one is that Mariano Martinez’s dad introduced it in the 1930s and 40s. Martinez would help his dad make it at his Mexico restaurant using a simple blender

It became popular among locals, although selling liquor in Texas eateries was illegal. Martinez grew up making margaritas and perfected his art as it became widely accepted. 

Later, in the 1970s, when selling cocktails became legal, Martinez opened his restaurant. At the time, margaritas had become so popular that they surpassed martini to become America’s preferred cocktail. With the rising stardom, orders were overwhelming, and Martinez had to figure out how to make them quicker. 

Together with his friend, chemist John Hogan, they realized they could build a margaritas machine. Their innovation was to provide frozen consistent mixed drinks.

Today, margaritas are among the most widely used refreshments in most restaurants. While you can always buy, that doesn’t mean you can not prepare yours right at home using a blender.

Why Drink Frozen Margaritas?

Nothing beats a nice cold margarita on a hot summer day. But why would you drink one? Here are a few reasons to consider sipping frozen margaritas:


Frozen margaritas are a cocktail of goodness. Everything from the tart lime flavor to the sweet tequila is well balanced with a smooth, icy texture and a creamy consistency.

Moreover, the tiny ice makes your drinks cold while adding a unique texture lacking in others drinks. You can enjoy it from the glass rim or use a straw.


Frozen margaritas are perfect if you find fun in laying umbrellas and tropical fruits on your drinks. This drink is viscous; hence you can garnish them with pineapple chunks or lime wedges for more fun for parties.

Easy Making

Making frozen margaritas is easy and fun. You can add your favorite flavors, such as strawberry, mango, or raspberry, to give it more taste and customize it to your liking.

And you don’t need to be an experienced bartender. In fact, you only need to add ingredients to a blender and switch it on. And there you have an exciting drink for your guests.

The Ingredients for Classical Margaritas

How to make margaritas with a blender depends on how well you can mix ingredients and in the right proportion. But what are the primary elements of creating a classical margarita?

Tequila. Although any tequila will work for margaritas, it’s advisable to use reposado or silver to get the best results.

Fresh lime juice. The flavor in margaritas comes from squeezed fresh lime juice. However, avoid stored limes. But if you can get fresh ones, use your homemade lime juice. Simply use a citrus juicer, particularly when you need large amounts.

Orange liqueur. You can use Grand Manier or Cointreau for a delicious mix here. Also, you can use high-quality Triple-sec.

Ice. What makes margaritas cool and refreshing is the ice you add. But it also helps balance out the sourness of limes. But you will need a blender for crushing ice.

Those mentioned above are the main ingredients, but you can add others for extra flavors and garnish. 

How to make margaritas with a blender: Step-by-Step Process 

To make a homemade margarita mix for the first time, you will need to follow a recipe. Depending on the number of people you want to serve, the amounts of ingredients will vary. Here is one of the best-frozen margarita recipes you can follow.

● 30 ml lime juice

● 22 ml orange liqueur

● Kosher or margarita salt

● Lime wedges/ slice

● A handful of ice cubes


Get a Blender That Can Crush Ice

The first piece of equipment to make frozen margaritas is a blender for crushing ice. It can be anything from a professional blender, such as the Vitamix blender, to a personal blender, like the Nutribullet blender.

Your blender for margaritas should be powerful enough to crush ice. Additionally, it should also have the capacity for the amounts of ingredients you will use. You can check the user guide to clarify how much it can hold or the motor ability.

Add the Ingredients

Add the above ingredients into your blender, except the lemon slices and salt. Ensure the ice is on top. Also, you can use frozen limeade in place of lime juice. Finally, add 2.5ml agave nectar to sweeten.

Blend Until Smooth

Blend the ingredients using the high-speed button to puree them. Remember to stop after every 30 seconds to stir and remove any ice stuck on the sides using a tamper. Repeat this for about two to three minutes until all the ice turns to snow. And be careful not to over-blend.

Wet the Glass Rim and Apply Salt

Place a piece of lime around the glass rim and dip it into your salt, with the edge facing down.


Take the mixture into a glass and garnish with the lime slice on the edge.

Secret of Making Perfect Margaritas

We have a few tips from the best chefs to make the best-frozen margarita mix. 

Identify your best tequila flavor. You must understand different types of tequila to settle on the best tequila.

Identify your orange liqueurs. Some people tend to overlook orange liqueurs. However, this should be different since they balance the flavors of tequila and lime.

Use fresh lime juice. Fresh lime tastes better than bottled lime. Plus, it’s chemical-free, unlike store-bought with preservatives.

Add agave nectar to your frozen margarita recipe to add sweetness.

Balance your ingredients. With a perfect balance of everything, a frozen margarita can be a fantastic cocktail.

Plus, remember that different ingredients brands have different flavor levels.

Some Margaritas Variations You Should Try

Here are some classic variations you need to try. These recipes allow you to enjoy different experiences and tastes.

Tequila Daisy

Tequila daisy is delicious, refreshing, and classy. It requires tequila, lime juice, grenadine syrup, and orange juice. Furthermore, the product has a tart and sweet flavor to excite your taste buds.

Tommy Margaritas

Tommy blended margarita recipe is easy and gives a savory and sweet flavor compared to traditional margaritas. To make it, use tequila reposado with agave nectar, orange liqueur, and lime juice for a memorable experience.

Breakfast Margaritas

To craft this delicious drink, rim your glass with graham or cereal crackers and add the ingredients in the following order. 

● First, add tequila to a shaker

● Second orange juice 

● Then orange liqueur 

● Lastly, ice

Once chilled, strain into your glass and add whipped cream or oats to garnish for an unforgettable experience.

How to make margaritas with a blender: Top Variations 

Sipping a classic margarita will help you to mark your celebration classically with a punch of alcohol content to excite your guests.

Margarita Spritz Bar

This recipe is a DIY bar that allows you to add your adventures. You can add carbonated selection to a pre-made batch. Such club soda includes kombucha, plain seltzer, or ginger beer. You can garnish with raspberries, fruity garnish, or citrus wedges.

You will need Cointreau, lime juice, Blanco tequila, and water. Mix, chill, and serve with your favorite drink.

Tropical Margaritas Bar

This combo is refreshingly nutritious with coconut water and pineapple juice. You can garnish with cinnamon sugar mix, pineapple slices, or mint when ready.

Combine Cointreau, coconut water, lime juice, pineapple juice, and Blanco tequila in a pitcher and put in a fridge for a few hours. Then garnish and serve.

Margarita Juice Bar

Margarita juice bars are a variation of frozen margaritas with the addition of agave nectar or honey. This cocktail is ideal for summer and spring parties. Your guest can choose their garnish too.

You may also use green juice and carrot juice but separately.

You will need tequila, Cointreau, mineral water, carrot/green juice, lemon juice, and honey syrup for this one. Combine the ingredients and chill it for one hour. Then garnish and serve!

Top Margarita-Inspired Recipes

If you are a tequila fan, a fresh, frosty, salt-dusted margarita is satisfying on a hot day. It gives you a tart and tangy lime juice, ice, and smooth tequila taste. This combo is undoubtedly refreshing for every summer and spring occasion.

Classic Margaritas

Classic margaritas need lime, tequila, and Cointreau. Also, you may add orange juice for a sweet taste. Mix the ingredients in a pitcher, salt the margaritas glass rims, and serve to enjoy. Once you master the skill, you can add fruits, spices, and fresh herbs.

Kombucha Grapefruit Margarita

You will need tequila, simple syrup, grapefruit, and lime juice. Add the ingredients to a shaker and serve. While in the glass, add kombucha and enjoy a festive, fresh, and healthy drink.

Spicy Margarita

If you love a spicy margarita, this must be a fantastic creation. Combine lime, agave, and traditional recipe in a pitcher and add a pinch of cayenne. 

Frozen Watermelon Margarita

This combo gives you a sour, sweet cocktail in ice cubes. It’s easy if you know how to make a frozen margarita. Add frozen watermelon cubes, tequila, and lime juice to blend until smooth. Serve, and garnish to enjoy a refreshing drink.

Health Benefits of Margaritas

Besides being a nice drink on a hot day or at a party, margaritas have fantastic health benefits. Though you should take it in moderation. Some of these benefits include the following;

Vitamin C

Lime juice, an essential ingredient of margaritas, is a good source of vitamin C. One glass of margaritas contains up to 15% of your daily vitamin C intake.


Grains are a significant component of alcohol, which may affect grain-sensitive people. Hence, margaritas (made from an agape blue plant) are suitable as they contain no grain content.

Boosts Digestion

Tequila has organic components that help digestion, making margaritas a good choice after a heavy meal.

Non-Alcoholic Margarita Options

While alcohol is a significant component of margaritas, various non-alcoholic alternatives exist. And the preparation formula is still the same but without the tequila.

A Non-alcoholic margaritas option is ideal for those who don’t drink alcohol or just like to opt-out some days. Additionally, it also works well for children and expectant mums. Here we have one of the best-frozen margarita recipes you can try. 

You will need one cup of orange juice, three ice cubes, lime juice, a third cup, one cup of scanty sugar, one lime, and salt.

Add sugar, lime juice, and orange juice into your blender. Then add ice cubes and blend until it’s slushie in texture. You need to use the best blender for margaritas for the best results. When well combined, empty the mixture into a serving pitcher.

To serve, pour salt on a flat dish. Then, gently rub the serving glass tips with lime and place them in the salt. 

Place the glass upwards and serve.

Lastly, depending on your reference, you can have grapefruit and tangerine juice instead of orange and lime juice.

Blender for Margaritas

Now that you know how to make margaritas with a blender, you need the best blender to achieve the desired results. While there are many options, none comes close to the A3500 Ascent Series Smart Vitamix margarita blender. This Commercial blender is among the top in its range and provides a smooth texture.

It is the ideal choice for your frozen margaritas. It’s smooth and reliable, has ten variable speed settings, and has a 64-ounce carafe. It is versatile and can help you make different recipes, including juice, puree, ice cream, and milkshakes.

Furthermore, this blender for margaritas boasts a 2.2-peak-horsepower electric motor to make your recipes smooth and silky. Plus, the 1500 watts of power ensures it quickly and evenly blends your frozen margarita mix.

Moreover, it has an automated shut-off feature to help you conserve energy. Thus, the Vitamix blender is an ideal choice for frozen margaritas.

Final Words

It’s always a pleasure to enjoy some frozen margaritas. The drink is refreshing and flavorful, and it has some health benefits. However, you must know how to make margaritas with a blender correctly using the right ingredients.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use your regular blender for margaritas?

Yes! You can use your regular blender to make margaritas if you know how to make margaritas with a blender. However, it should be able to handle ice crushing to avoid damage. To be sure, check the user guide for the manufacturer’s instructions.

What is the ratio of tequila in a margarita mix?

The standard ratio of tequila to margarita mix is 1: 3. One part of tequila should go into three parts margarita mix. But you may alter this depending on your preference.

Can I make a margarita without making a mix?

Yes. Although many people only know how to make margaritas with a blender. You don’t have to use it every time. Instead, use fresh ingredients to make your margarita. 

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