How to make soup in a vitamix blender

Wondering how to make soup in a Vitamix blender? Read our article outlining the steps in creating a delicious soup in your Vitamix blender.

Your dinner deserves to be special. You spend a lot of time in the kitchen trying to make something delicious, and let’s face it—it’s very satisfying to do so. But sometimes, you find yourself at a loss as to what you can make that’s delicious but also easy and quick.

That’s where a Vitamix blender can come in handy. It’s the perfect tool for whipping up a delicious soup quickly. With just a few simple steps and ingredients, you can make a fantastic soup that everyone will enjoy.

This article will take you through all the steps from start to finish on how to make a delicious soup in your Vitamix blender. We’ll also provide a few healthy Vitamix recipes you can try. Check out our best user reviewed Protein Shakes Blenders, you must like our Guideline.

how to make soup in a vitamix blender

Preparing the Right Ingredients

When making soups in a Vitamix, you must follow a particular order when adding ingredients to get smooth blends. Here is a general format you can follow to figure out how to make soup in a Vitamix blender.

Liquids; either juice, water, or yogurt

Dry ingredients; seasonings powders or whole grains

Green leafy vegetables

Vegetables and fruits

Frozen ingredients and ice.

However, please note that this format changes when using a personal blender since the blades are on top.

How to Make Soup in a Vitamix Blender: Step-by-Step Process 

Vitamix blenders have strong blades to blend soup within 10 minutes. Also, you can be creative with your ingredients to make different soup types. To make carrot soup Vitamix you will need;


Six medium size carrots in quarters and steamed

One roughly chopped and steamed

An eighth peeled lemon

Half teaspoon salt

Three-quarter teaspoon curry powder

Ground pepper

Two cups broth(vegetable)

Half cup soy milk


Add the ingredients above into your Vitamix blender and turn on at the highest speed. And blend for about six minutes.

Classical Soup

Vitamix has easy Vitamix soup recipes. You can use these blended soup recipes to craft different soups with your ingredients. To make celery potato soup in Vitamix blender;


  • 300grams celery stalks
  • Two peeled garlic cloves
  • 260 grams of medium potatoes (peeled, halved, and steamed)
  • 30 grams of yellow onion—half an inch thick
  • 600 ml vegetable stock
  • 240 ml milk of your choice
  • Half teaspoon salt
  • Half teaspoon of black pepper (ground)


  • First add the ingredients above in order and close the lid.
  • Then, start the blender on a slow speed and increase it to the highest speed
  • After that, blend for about six minutes. Or until you notice heavy steam escaping through the lid vent.

Creamy Soups 

Butternut soup is one of our best Vitamix soup recipes, with a creamy texture and a bright color. Ingredients

  • Butternut and sweet potato squash
  • Carrots
  • Cinnamon and ginger
  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Vegetable broth
  • Maple syrup


First, roast the root vegetables in the oven. To achieve this, cut the vegetables into small slices, rub them with oil, sprinkle salt, and turn them upside down until ready.

Then remove them and allow them to cool.

Next, add them to your Vitamix professional blender.

Lastly, blend until the mixture is smooth.

You can boil the vegetables and use an immersion blender instead. But the larger Vitamix is more powerful and can make more than just soups. For example, you can create margaritas, juice, and ice cream. What’s more, it’s the ideal blender for crushing ice.

Chunky Soups

Some Vitamix soup recipes include the making of chunky soup. That means the soup will have some lump-like or unblended ingredients or is partially blended.

For instance, when making Vitamix potato soup, you can add portions of potatoes toward the end. That ensures that they are not fully blended.

You can also add meat, celery, or any ingredients of your choice.

Hot Soup

Vitamix blenders are amazing; you can make steaming Vitamix hot soup in six minutes. However, note that these blenders don’t cook the ingredients. But instead, they use friction to heat the ingredients.

To make a hot curried carrot Vitamix soup, you will need the following;


  • Six medium size carrots (chopped and steamed)
  • One small onion (chopped and steamed)
  • An eighth peeled lemon
  • Half teaspoon salt
  • Three-quarter teaspoon curry powder
  • A pinch of black pepper(ground)
  • Two cups of vegetable broth
  • Half cup soy milk


  • First, add all the ingredients into your blender pitcher.
  • Then, blend on the highest speed for up to one minute.
  • From there, serve your soup in a dish and enjoy your meals.

Cold Soups

Here is some advice from Vitamix on how to make cold soup Vitamix.

  • Use fresh and high-quality in-season produce.
  • Don’t substitute sea salt with iodine salt in Vitamix soup recipes that require adding it. The reason, iodine salt may alter delicate ingredients’ natural taste.
  • Give the soups enough time to chill, up to three hours.
  • If you use foods that can discolor with air contact, like apples and avocado, put them in plastic wraps and place them directly on the soup surface.

How to Blend Soup in a Vitamix Properly?

Vitamix blenders are powerful household machines and can make different recipes within a few minutes. However, there are some tips to make the best healthy soup recipes.

Cut the Vegetables into Small Pieces

You can use one vegetable or two, depending on your preference. Cut vegetables are easy to cook and blend to give a smooth consistency.

Add a Liquid

Add the liquid of your choice to cover the ingredients. And add the rest little by little to avoid thinning your soups.

Cook your Vegetables and Ingredients Until Tender

Cut the vegetables into uniform sizes and arrange the order in which they cook. That allows the ingredients to cook uniformly and blend well.

What Type of Liquid to Add to Your Soup in Vitamix?

Add water, broth, stock, wine, or a combination. However, note that alcohol-based liquids may cook before the soup is done. Hence, consider adding the alcohol at the end to add a tinge.

Tips for Achieving the Perfect Soup Consistency

Soup consistency has an impact on its taste. We’ll provide a few tips to help you maintain a delicious thick soup.

Blend in Bread

You can thicken the soup by blending in bread. But use bread with a mild flavor not to change the flavor. To add flavor, you can add sourdough. Remember to soak the bread for easy blending.

Blend in Rice or Lentils

You can blend in rice or lentils to thicken the soup. Use red lentils in tomato soups and rice in green soups for the best results. To do this, cook them until tender, then blend them into your soup.

Stir in Yogurt or Cream

Adding cream to your soup can help to thicken it. Although, yogurt could be more effective. Stir a tablespoon into your soup for better results. But don’t boil after adding any of these to avoid splitting.

Adding Seasoning and Spices to your Soup in Vitamix

Spices and seasons are the easiest way to add flavor to your soups. One of the common ingredients is salt and pepper. Then you can opt for seasoning to enhance your soup.

You can use parsley flakes and bay leaves in your vegetable soups. In contrast, Moroccan spices work well with tomato soups. Also, you can add ginger, coriander, and cumin.

Finally, Italian seasonings work well with bean soups.

Some Tips for Preventing Air Pockets in Your Soup 

Air pockets may cause your blender to stop when blending. To avoid them, balance your liquid and ice or frozen ingredients.

Also, layer ingredients correctly. Add liquids close to the blades, gentle ingredients, and hard ingredients on top.

Health Benefits of Soups 

A Vitamix blender is an excellent health investment. Vitamix soups’ health benefits include the following;

Helps in Weight Loss

You need to consider soups if you are on your weight loss journey. Their ingredients have low calories and fats, hence fulling hunger without overeating. You can also mix different ingredients to make a detox soup.

Promote Digestion

Vegetables have healthy fibers, which help to boost bowel movement and ease digestion and absorption. Also, regular vegetable soup intake helps curb constipation, and flatulence, among other troubles.

High Fluid Sources

Vitamix soups contain a lot of water content to help keep the skin fresh. While the fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals boost your body with energy.

Why is Soup a Perfect Meal for Patients?

Soups are an excellent addition for patients for some reasons;

Help to Keep the Body Hydrated

Soups are an excellent meal for patients as they are liquids. More so, those losing much water either by vomiting, sweating, or diarrhea.

It Helps to Boost Body Immunity

Soups are an excellent remedy for simple illnesses as they contain disease-fighting ingredients. For instance, chicken broth with garlic, carrots, celery, and onions, can help fight the common flu. This combination also helps to boost immunity.

Strengthen Bones

Vitamix soups contain calcium and vitamin D, which help to strengthen the bones and the body’s skeletal structures. Also, it helps develop bones for young children and prevents osteoporosis for grownups.

How to Clean Your Vitamix After Making Soup?

There are two ways you can use to clean your Vitamix blender.


  • Fill the blender halfway with warm water.
  • Then add two drops of dish-cleaning soap.
  • After that, pulse the blender or turn it to the highest setting for about 60 seconds.

Pour out the content and rinse thoroughly. Then wipe down the motor and allow it to dry before storing.

Deep Cleaning

Deep blender cleaning is essential for your health. Ensure you don’t leave any soup content drying up in the jar. Fill the blender with warm soapy water and allow it to soak.

Then disassemble and clean the components with warm soapy water—except for the motor. Rinse and set aside to dry. Then wipe the motor section with warm soapy water.

Creative Soup Ideas to Make in Your Vitamix

You need to be creative in your soup ideas. Whether you want to make light and delicate or vibrant recipes, you can;

Get Inspiration from Your Farmers’ Market

Visit your food market to get soup recipes for Vitamix from the bountiful harvest and on-season products. For instance, you can make asparagus soup Vitamix when they are in season, among other recipes for Vitamix soups.

How to Make Soup in Vitamix: Think Traditional

You can make one of the earliest soups available. For instance, cioppino, French onion, and ribollita as your appetizer or main course. You can use these recipes to accommodate different ingredients.

Spotlight Earthly Flavors

Mushrooms are a great addition to your soups in case you want earthiness. Also, truffles are a good option when in season. You can also make farro and mushroom soup to add a textured twist.

Final Words

Once you know how to make soup in a Vitamix blender, you can make other blended soups—starting with our favorite Vitamix broccoli soup. Add your ingredients to the blender, and blend for about six minutes. Then serve.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to adjust the speed settings of the Vitamix blender?

When starting to blend, begin on low speed, one or two and wait for a few seconds. Then move to a higher one to get a smooth blend. Finally, please slow down, then switch it off.

What types of soups can I make in my Vitamix blender?

You can make both chilled and hot soups.

What type of Vitamix blender is best for making soup?

The commercial blenders such as Vitamix VM0197 Explorian Blender. It has ten variable speeds to refine your texture with precision. And it has a rigid stainless steel blade to handle tough ingredients and give consistent results. In addition, it has a 48-ounce pitcher, enough for family serving.

What is the perfect blade speed of the Vitamix blender to get the perfect soup?

Vitamix blenders are most effective on speed 10. But you can blend at low speed when necessary. However, note that using the top speed for a long time may damage its engine.

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